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Medieval Times Sword

Medieval Times Sword
The Castle Court is your supply house for Medieval times weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry and just about anything else pertaining to ancient times. If you’ve been looking for a Medieval times sword, take a look at what The Castle Court has to offer. Visit to see their entire line of Medieval times weapons such as rapiers, battle-ready swords, collectible swords, fantasy swords, LARP swords, practice swords, Samurai swords and more.
It is commonly known that until firearms were available the weapon of choice for close contact fighting was the battle sword. This weapon was so valuable that owners often named their swords. Just like Medieval times, The Castle Court has many types of swords today. Every individual who happens to be a sword enthusiast should be aware of the type of sword that fits his purpose.  
Re-enactors actively recreate the battles of the past. The active participants wear armor, engage in sword-play and fight until a winner is declared. There are two types of swords that are employed in a battle reenactment, the battle ready sword or the practical sword. The difference in these two types of swords is the blade. The battle sword is a live sword; it has a sharp blade and if a mistake is made in swordplay, an opponent can be hurt. The Medieval times practical sword has an unsharpened blade and a blunt tip. Naturally the practical sword is the safest choice for this sport, but those who are experienced in swordplay often choose the battle ready sword. 
TheCastleCourt has a selection of both types of swords; they carry CAS/Hanwei battle ready swords and practical swords. A really safe alternative for swordplay and sparring is the new synthetic  sword. TheCastleCourt offers a heavy synthetic Medieval times sparring sword that is absolutely safe for practice. The sword comes in a longsword, a single hand sword and a basket hilt sword. The components of this sword are interchangeable so essentially you can create your perfect sparring sword.
One of the most popular sports involving historic weapons is LARP or Live Action Role Play.  LARP involves fantasy games that are very competitive. The participants use LARP swords; these swords are made of latex and are so decorative that they resemble a really fine collectible sword.  They are more supple than the practice sparring sword. TheCastleCourt sells Calimacil and Windlass LARP swords from their online store at From their website, you can see their entire line of weapons and determine which type of Medieval times sword is right for you.
If you do not want to become involved in actual swordplay, a Medieval times collectible sword is the perfect choice. Collectible swords are beautiful replicas that recreate the ancient times and require no more effort than showing them off. TheCastleCourt has striking collectible swords that recreate every era. 
When you’re ready to take a look at what The Castle Court has to offer, visit and enjoy browsing through their entire line of exceptionally well-made Medieval times swords.
Medieval Times Sword
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