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Medieval Times Costume

Medieval Times Costume
Are you a lover of all things ancient? If you’re putting together a Medieval times costume, consider visiting The Castle Court. Whether you’re looking for authentic-looking armor, ancient weapons of many different kinds, or historical clothing to compliment your costume, The Castle Court has everything you’re looking for and more.
Bring the past into the present with historical clothing and accessories. From elegant Renaissance dresses to men’s mid-calf boots from the Medieval times, you are sure to find all aspects of your Medieval times costume when you visit
Whether you’re looking for the perfect accurate cloak from the crusades or a buccaneer coat like the ones worn in Colonial times, everything you need is right at your fingertips, including beautiful Medieval times inspired jewelry to pair with your historical outfit. The Castle Court has stud earrings that match Medieval gowns and Celtic silver cross pendants that go with just about anything. Add that perfect finishing touch to your Medieval times costume with a piece of spectacular jewelry.
Some popular choices that The Castle Court carries include:
- Hospitaller Surcoat. The Hospitaller`s surcoat is readily distinguished by the white Maltese cross on a black ground. Crafted by GDFB  in lined heavy linen, the reconstruction is designed to avoid excessive extra weight and heat retention. Also offers a wide selection of helmets, weapons and other protective clothing for the re-enactor
- Brown 13th Century Soldier’s Shoes with 2 Buckles. These shoes will complement a wide range of re-enactment outfits. The soles are stud-edged for durability. Crafted by skilled cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts, this foot-wear is hand-stitched and with normal maintenance will provide long service.
- Hospitaller Cloak features the white Maltese cross on black material.
- Viking Shoes. These side-laced shoes, while specific to the Viking period, will nevertheless complement a wide range of medieval re-enactors costumes. Crafted by skilled cobblers, using the same techniques as their medieval counterparts, this footwear is hand-stitched and, with normal maintenance, will provide long service.
- Templar Cloak. The Knight Templar`s cloak, with its distinctive red cross from GDFB, was an instantly recognizable garment in the Crusades era. This hooded reconstruction is crafted in pure wool with a full linen lining.
- Brown Cowl. The brown cowl was worn during Medieval times for warmth. It is still popular today with re-enactors. While at the faire or re-enactment event, it is great to keep you warm. Also it is a very inexpensive costume. Just add a pair of  medieval pants and a tunic and you will look terrific and perfectly Medieval-styled.
- Teutonic Crusader Cloak. This crusader's cloak, with the distinctive Teutonic cross, is based on those worn by the crusading Teutonic knights.
For all of your Medieval times costume needs, visit the online store that has everything you’re looking for and a whole lot more. is your one-stop source for all things ancient. Stop by to put together your re-enactment costume. You’ll be glad you did!
Medieval Times Costume
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