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Medieval Swords And Shields

Medieval Swords And Shields
Are you looking for Medieval swords and shields to complete your re-enactment costume? Look no further. The Castle Court has everything you’re looking for, and more. For those who have an affinity for ancient times, the wide selection of historical weapons, armor, clothing, jewelry and other accessories from is sure to have something to meet your needs and fit your budget.
The Castle Court carries many different types of swords, including rapiers, battle ready swords, collectible swords, fantasy swords, LARP, Practical, Samurai swords and more. If you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, there’s a lot of great information on the website to help you distinguish between the types of swords that you can purchase.
Re-enactors who actively participate in the sport of swordplay often choose between two types of sword- the battle ready sword and the practical sword. The difference between the two lies in the blade. While the battle sword is a live sword with a sharp blade capable of doing damage, the practical sword has an unsharpened blade and a blunt tip. The practical sword is the safest choice for re-enactment battles, however, those who are experienced in swordplay often choose the battle ready sword.
The Castle Court also carries synthetic swords, which are a very safe alternative for swordplay. The heavy synthetic sparring sword is a really safe choice for practice. LARP swords are a very popular choice and are so decorative that they actually resemble a fine collectible sword.
Medieval swords and shields are the perfect finishing touch to complete your costume. Once you have your sword picked out you’re ready to start looking at shields. The battle shields of medieval times were greatly symbolic to the family or cause they represented. Family crests were often times depicted on the front of these shields and represented the beliefs and fighting spirit of each family or institution. From various furs, colors, lines and symbols, each shield stood for specific meaning and family honor.
The buckler, or small shield, is the most versatile of any weapon. Often the buckler was equipped with a spike in the center which served as a stabbing weapon.  It could also deflect thrusts and blows from the opponent’s sword.  Protection for the sword hand is vital in a hand-to-hand combat situation; the little shield is effective in this role. The ‘boss’ was also used as a metal boxing glove. The face of the shield or the rim could break a jaw or ribs.
Enthusiasts of ancient and olden times have made The Castle Court their first choice for one-stop shopping when looking for Medieval swords and shields. also carries a wide variety of historical weapons, armor, historical clothing, Medieval jewelry and much, much more.
If you’re ready to complete the look you’ve been trying to recreate, you’re only one click away from anything and everything Medieval. Visit and look around.
Medieval Swords And Shields
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