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Battle Ready Weapons

Battle Ready Weapons
The Castle Court is the trusted online store for Medieval and ancient times enthusiasts who are looking for everything they need in one convenient location. Shop for battle ready weapons such as swords, knives, axes, throwing axes, daggers and more. 
What exactly is a battle ready weapon? Simply put, a battle ready weapon is one that is prepared to go into battle. A sword is capable of decapitating, slicing, stabbing or of committing a lesser horror- just severely wounding. A battle ready sword's blade is constructed of carbon steel- a blade that has been subjected to extreme heat in order to ‘cure the metal’. The blade can be sharpened to eternity.  
Normally the blade is made of carbon steel or the blade could be made of iron as the blades of ancient times. Some of the makers of battle ready swords are CAS/Hanwei, Windlass Steelcrafts or the super battle ready sword designer- Mariano Zamarano of Toledo Spain.
Some of the more popular battle ready weapons that The Castle Court offers for sale include:
- Viking Throwing Axe. The Throwing Axe could be used as a weapon in two ways. As a hand-held weapon it was a lethal force, capable of cleaving helms, mail and shields, while a volley of thrown axes could disrupt an opposing force and allow a breakthrough in a shield wall.
- Jie Dao. The Paul Chen Jie Dao, which may vary greatly in size, is traditionally used by Shaolin monks not so much as a weapon but for domestic purposes, including shaving. When traveling on foot, the Jie Dao may be used to clear a path in the forest or to gather firewood. The “Jie” in Jie Dao means “abstain”, and Jie Dao translates as “the sword of abstention from killing”. This explains the deliberate lack of a sharp point and ascribes spiritual as well as functional value. 
- Viking Bearded Axe. The Hanwei Viking Axe and Bearded Axe are typical patterns, capable of cleaving helms or armour with impunity. They feature forged heads with sharp tempered edges and hardwood shafts. Both shafts are approximately 30 ½” long.
- Mercenary Battle Sword. The Mercenary is an imposing sword in the 15th century style. Paul Chen offers this sword with a triple-fullered blade, steel S-curve guard and scent stopper pommel. Supplied with a leather-covered belt scabbard.
- Agincourt Battle Ready Sword. The Paul Chen Agincourt sword made by Hanwei, an English-style single-hand sword, commemorates one of the memorable battles of the Hundred Year’s War between England and France.
If you’re an enthusiast with an affinity for all things ancient, visit to see their entire line of battle ready swords, armor, historical costumes and clothing, Medieval jewelry and much, much more.
The Castle Court has everything Medieval that their shoppers are looking for in one convenient place. To complete your authentic costume, a battle ready weapon can do a lot to add to the look you’re going for. Stop in today and see what they have for you.
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