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Battle Ready Sword

Battle Ready Sword
Have you been searching for an exceptionally well-made battle ready sword? You might consider stopping in to The Castle Court to see their entire line of battle ready swords for sale. While visiting their website at, you can shop for armor, other ancient weapons, historical costumes and Medieval jewelry.
A battle ready sword is a sword that is prepared to go to battle. The sword is capable of decapitating, slicing, stabbing or of committing a lesser horror- just severely wounding. A battle ready sword's blade is constructed of carbon steel-a blade that has been subjected to extreme heat in order to ‘cure the metal’. The blade can be sharpened to eternity. 
Normally the blade is made of carbon steel or the blade could be made of iron as the blades of ancient times. Some of the more popular makers of battle ready swords are CAS/Hanwei, Windlass Steelcrafts or the super battle ready sword designer-Mariano Zamarano of Toledo Spain. The swords are beautiful with decorative hilts and often engraved blades, but they are weapons. 
A few of the most popular battle ready swords that The Castle Court offers for sale from their website include:
- The Civil War Light Cavalry Saber. The hand forged blade of the M-1860 Light Cavalry Saber is British military spec. steel that will flex over 20° and return to true. Leather handle is wire wrapped. Curving blade is superbly designed for penetration and as a slashing weapon. 
- The Mercenary Battle Sword. The Mercenary is an imposing sword in the 15th century style. Paul Chen offers this sword with  a triple-fullered blade, steel S-curve guard and scent stopper pommel. Supplied with a leather-covered belt scabbard.
- The Scottish Court Sword. Quick and elegant describe the Scottish Court Sword. Replicating an original dating from the 1730’s and belonging to an officer in Prince Charles Edward Stuart’s army at Culloden, the finely chiseled silver-plated hilt and three-edged hollow ground blade exemplifies the consummate skill of the swordsmiths of the period. 
- The Roman Gladius. The Gladius is based on the “waisted” pattern, its light blade and typical wooden guard and pommel arrangement making for a very quick sword indeed. The segmented bone handle and beautifully detailed scabbard with battle scenes in bas-relief complete a sword that any legionnaire or centurion would have been proud to own.
Re-enactors who love to actively recreate the battles of the past will in most cases choose between the battle ready sword and the practical sword. The difference in these two types of swords is the blade. The battle sword is a live sword; it has a sharp blade and if a mistake is made in swordplay, an opponent can be hurt. The practical sword has an unsharpened blade and a blunt tip. Naturally the practical sword is the safest choice for this sport, but those who are experienced in swordplay often choose the battle ready sword.  
TheCastleCourt has a selection of both types of swords; they carry CAS/Hanwei battle ready swords and practical swords. Stop by the online one-stop source for all things ancient and find out why Medieval times enthusiasts love to shop at
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