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Welcome to The Castle Court! Obviously since you are here, you have an affinity for ancient times. We hope that you find our store easy to shop and if you have any questions or need more information on an item, please call us on our toll free number or send us an email. We have a great selection of historical replicas, spanning from ancient times to the twenty-first century, including the American Civil War. Select a piece of 15th century armor, a Renaissance costume with a matching rapier. Have a look at our Medieval Times costumes. Also we have a large selection of collectible swords and renaissance swords that are reasonably priced.We also have one of the most popular weapons of all, the Viking battle sword. Our little castle sells noble products at peasant prices. We are even ready to match any legitimate price on the internet. So if you desire to get the right product at the right price, have a look at what we offer.